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So you chose to follow the niche website journey, I like your style! First and foremost, thank you for taking the first step of following this journey. As a beginner myself, I don’t want this to be just my journey. I want it to be something that we can all learn from together. We’ll start from the ground zero of what is a niche website, all the way to Mount Everest!

I will be honest with my audience, I don’t know much when it comes to building a niche website. (Wonder how many people quit reading already haha). Hold up though!!! As someone helping to pave the journey for other beginners, it’s my promise to provide you with extremely detailed steps and instructions. Not only that, but to always put in 110% research and help you learn from my mistakes and failures.

So let’s kick off the first blog of our niche website journey shall we. What is a niche website and how the hell do I even say it? Solid question…but who cares how you pronounce it. Their are people still calling creeks, cricks lol. I have heard two forms (Nitch) pronounced like (Ditch) or (Neesh) pronounced like (Sheesh).

Now to the more important question of what is a niche. Merriam Webster defines niche simply as a specialized market. Let’s dig a little deeper on a niche website definition. You can define a niche website as a website that is laser focused on specific information or a product that is both interesting and helpful to your specific audience.

A niche should always focus on the customer and their experience on the website. Customers make the world go round and when they are looking to solve a SPECIFIC problem, indulge in a SPECIFIC passion or gain new SPECIFIC information, your website should strongly deliver that to them.

You can define a niche website as a website that is laser focused on specific information or a product that is both interesting and helpful to your specific audience.

Let’s throw out some examples of niche’s and non-niche’s so you understand it fully and know what I mean when I say specific.

NICHE – House flipper in Indiana, Dog Trainer For Elder Dogs, Parents of Kids with ADHD, Tiny Houses, 4k TV reviews…want me to keep going? Bass fishing, Saxophone Musician, Maternity Clothing…hopefully you get the point that I’m drilling down rather than being broad

NON-NICHE (BROAD) – House Flippers, Dog Trainers, Parents of Kids, Houses, TV Reviews, Fishing, Musicians, Women’s Clothing. Basically if we are drilling down further into a category we aren’t really niching. Some broad topics could still be a niche lets say for example Golf. Theres going to be a lot of competition since its broad but it is a subset of sports. ***More competition means the harder to get noticed.

Niche content on a website can be delivered in a variety of ways. Let’s use the Dog Trainer for Elder Dogs Niche. Content can be delivered using a podcast talking about training elder dogs, video showing instructions on how to train the elder dog, blog posts writing about experience’s training elder dogs, and articles providing valuable/informative information about training elder dogs.

The good thing about niche websites is that they focus on a specific audience. This is good because you don’t have to have hundreds of random/different topics on your website. You can focus all your content on your main niche idea and all the things that branch out of it. Going back to the elder dog example you can branch off with, best food for elder dogs, reviews on leashes for elder dogs…etc.

Where We’re Heading On This Journey

(Man Cody I think I like me some of this niching). Well let’s dive into the why behind this journey so everyone can see the bigger picture and purpose. My three reasons for starting a niche website.

1.) To Make Money (We’re trying to quit our job)

2.) To Be An Authority In Our Niche (Don’t worry you don’t need to be an expert of the niche…more on this in another post)

3.) To Create A Network Of Like Minded Individuals (Helping people feels good!) 

The goal will be to find a niche that is interesting enough that you can write about it for 1 year…2 years…etc and not get bored of it. We want to provide tons and tons of top notch content that creates an amazing customer experience when someone visits your site (we want them to come back).

If I had to list an ultimate goal for our niche websites,  it’s getting the website on the first page of google for when people use search terms related to our niche. This is important because thats where all the traffic not many people go 2,3,4 pages deep when searching for things.

More traffic means more people visiting your website. This is good because in another blog post I will let everyone know the ways we can make money through traffic to our website. Remember the goal is to build passive income that replaces our current income! We want our website visitors to stay on our website and return to it time and time again.

You may be thinking that every niche is going to have lost of competition. Yes and No. Competition is a good thing as it shows people are interest in the niche and theres traffic. My mindset is always if someone else can do it and make money so can I. I encourage you to have the same mindset. Everyone was once a beginner like you and I. Remember that!

So from a high level this is what a niche website is. A specific thing that is informative, interesting and helps solve a problem or contributes to their passion. If you remember one word, remember specific. It will help you find the right niche. (Don’t worry ill help you find your niche calling).

Going forward with this niche website journey blog, I will continue to number them so its easier to stay on track. Aside from the step by step portion of the blog, I will make sure I post things that keep you motivated, offer a fresh look at things and keep us all on track.

I appreciate everyone joining me on this journey. I know this was a high level description of niche websites, so as I continue to walk us through step by step I will post around certain topics so you have a better understanding. Next post I want to share with you something very powerful you can use in all areas of your life!


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