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Well ladies and gentleman so it begins! Before we start off the introduction to the Amazon FBA journey, lets appreciate the fact that we are beginners. I feel that the less you know the more opportunity you have to grow. Too many people search for the top “side hustle” bloggers who are killing it out there…the problem is they are already on lap 100 and were waiting for the gun to shoot.

In my opinion a lot of the basic essential information that you learn in the beginning is critical. Going from ladder rung one to ladder rung four definitely gets you up the ladder faster but i feel that you end up missing the components that make the journey smoother. So were here to grow together and share our progression.

“The less you know the more opportunity you have to grow” 

So how exactly am I formatting this blog for us? I am going into it assuming we all have a 1st grade knowledge on what Amazon is and how you can make literally thousands of dollars a month from the comfort of your home. I’m keeping it simple, which means straight to the point and for reading purposes only 3-4 sentences a paragraph.

All of the blogs will be numbered so if you are new you can simply jump to the first blog and begin the journey. Eventually as we move forward I will create an income reports page where you can track how my sales are doing and see how other members are doing as well.

But first a DISCLAIMER (always gotta have one haha). There is an overlying problem in the world where most people think they can clap their hands and money will fall in front of them…you know the get rich quick people. This is not that. To be cliche, this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Is this relatively easy to get started…yea. Do we all have the same 24 hours in a day…yea. Do we all have a little spare time now that determines your income and lifestyle 1-2 years from now…uhhh yea. There’s just something fun and addicting when you put in the initial work and you start getting that first taste of money starting to come in.

I am a big believer of the compound effect. Which simply says doing something a little bit each day eventually snowballs into something much bigger then you ever anticipated and you never realize it because you are slowly chipping away.

Here’s an example you can have 2 million dollars today or you can have a penny that doubles in value for 31 days. Most people would pick the 2 million dollars but the fact that i am giving you an example like this you know something is going to happen with that damn penny. Well keep doubling that damn penny for 31 days and you have over 10 million dollars.

Want another example (yes Cody who gives a shit about pennies) say you eat 3500 calories a day…everyday. Now say you are a coffee drink who drinks black coffee everyday but found out about those goofy creamers (you know cinnamon pumpkin dolce chocolate swirly delight) which adds a 100 calories.

100 extra calories a day comes out to 36,500 calories a year. Let’s say you do this for 31 months (940 days). We would have consumed 94,000 calories. Well for math sake there’s 3500 calories in a pound. So you compound that out 31 months 94,000 cal/ 3500 cal and it comes out to almost 30 lbs. “Alright Cody we get the point where are you going with this”.

Where I am going with this is that if we chip away blog by blog…step by step…and day by day we are going to realize looking back we have made some great progress and that money is going to start coming in. I don’t think we realize how fast time passes sometime.

What put time into perspective for me a couple months ago was the 1 year anniversary of Prince passing away. I was blown away…I could of swore that was just a couple months prior. Not sure why that slapped me in the face and woke me up on how fast time is flying but it did.

Back to my main point. This is not over night success its chipping away and reaping the fruits of your labor. Throughout my blog posts I will share success stories that I stumble upon and will describe how people are quitting their job and working from home because their passive income has now replaced their career income. These aren’t people that are better than you or I, they are normal people that realize consistency and dedication will pay off….always.

So this wraps up the introduction. I am going to lay everything out in simple terms so you quit scrolling and searching through the internet trying to piece everything together to complete the puzzle that is “passive income”. You are going to watch me grow and I hope I can not only inspire you, but help you grow as well.

Ill leave you with this. Never ever fear failure. You should only fear that you will be in the exact same place next year as you are today.

Blog 2 will be out soon and i’ll introduce Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) and how money is made from it.

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