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Welcome back! In the last blog post we knocked out the question “what is a niche website”? It helped us understand a niche website and will be the foundation we build from going forward. Today I wanted to share one of the most powerful mindsets, I’ve ever came across. The Compound Effect.

This mindset is so powerful I had to make sure I included it early on in the blog posts. As you walk with me through building a niche website step by step, I want to make sure we have a millionaires mindset. I’ll give you a high level summary and how we can apply it to building our site. I won’t give it all away but check it out on Amazon when you get a chance The Compound Effect.

Lets Dive In!

So whats my purpose with incorporating this into niche website building? Well its the same reason I created this blog. I want to be able to show you the work that really goes into having success. We have been brainwashed by other bloggers and social media that there is quick fixes and get rich quick techniques.

Let’s not beat around the bush…nothing comes by just sitting on the couch and hoping that something magic will happen overnight. You will always have other bloggers who will make it look like its a piece of cake but you never truly see the time and persistence that goes on behind the scenes.

nothing comes by just sitting on the couch and hoping that something magic will happen…

The Compound Effect was created by a guy named Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS magazine. Darren grew up with a football dad coach who had a core philosophy of “it doesn’t matter how smart you are or aren’t, you need to make up in hard work what you lack in experience, skill, intelligence, or innate ability. If you competitor is smarter, more talented, or experienced, you just need to work three of four times as hard. You can still beat them!”

This type of parenting mentality resulted in Darren making a six figure income at eighteen. By age twenty owning his own home in an upscale neighborhood. By age twenty four having an income of $1 million a year and by twenty seven owning his own business bringing in $50 million a year.

Pretty impressive huh? The Compound Effect simply states that the sole path to success in anything is making the right decisions over and over again. Trust me the right decision is not always fun or sexy that’s for sure. So to understand The Compound Effect, we need to ask ourselves “is what I’m doing every single day helping me achieve what I want in the future?”

“is what I’m doing every single day helping me achieve what I want in the future?”

If you happened to stumble upon my introduction in my Amazon FBA introduction when you were deciding your journey, I used an exampled of the effect. Basically I stated that an extra 100 calories a day over three years doesn’t see that much but it actually totals out to close to 30 lbs. Yikes!

Chipping away at our niche website even a couple extra hours a week adds up and gets a lot done. 5 extra hours a week doesn’t seem like much but that ends up being 260 hours extra. Do 10 sit-ups each day and at the end of the year you would have done 3,650 sit-ups. (6 pack? maybe…haven’t tried it)

An important tool that Darren mentioned is tracking our habits or journey. You may know someone that is always struggling with money. If they were forced to write down every purchase they made each day, even if it was just a penny, they would be shocked how much they are spending.

Tracking our habits and work helps bring clarity and awareness to our daily actions, so we know what to act on.

I need to get better with some of my habits too. I started watching a new tv series that easily knocks out 2 hours each night. That ends up being a loss over 8+ hours in a week. 8 hours that I could have put towards our website building to make passive income. Passive income that will let us sit and watch tv because we are making money during it!

Ill be honest the first stages of getting this website launched is going to take some time and be difficult. As we begin to get in a rhythm and catch our groove things will get easier. It always does! The harder you work the luckier you get!

One thing that we all need to be on the same page is consistency. When we see results we don’t want to start relaxing, we want to put the peddle to the metal! (Gotta keep our momentum going so we don’t have to start over). The other area we need to keep a focus on is routines.

Working out is always going to be hard. When I came back from a shoulder injury and was out of the gym for months, ill be honest it was hard to get going. I had to go once a week and then a couple more, until i was back to my original routine of working out 5-6 days a week.

Unless we get carpel tunnel or break our fingers, we should be able to keep our routine going so we don’t lose momentum and have to start all over.  Let’s combine motivation with our actions to reach the pinnacles we want in life. Just like the penny compounding, our website will begin to blossom. By 6 months to a year, we should start seeing some money coming in!

My motivation to stay on track and develop a good consistent work ethic is being able to work from home and do the things I enjoy. The second thing is helping you guys be able to work from home and enjoy your life as well. I’ve said it once and ill say it again, when one of us makes it we all make it. Inspiration does wonders!

Don’t cheat yourself by slacking off and extending the time its going to take us to work from home. Let’s keep everyone motivated and pushing each other to our SMART goals. I encourage everyone to check this book out to help with your mindset. Its a pretty short read which is nice. Let me know if you have any questions on The Compound Effect.

Hope this helps with your mindset and sets the stage for the coming blogs. In the next blog I am going to jump into maybe the most important blog. Finding your niche to build around!


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