Welcome everyone and thank you for taking part in my journey to financial freedom. My name is Cody and through this blog I hope we can walk side by side to the finish line of no longer worrying about a 9-5.

So how are we getting there? Well this blog is a little different. Im not here as someone who has already made it big time, you know the ones that never check the price tag of something when they buy it (although that would be nice). I’m here as a rookie so that the journey is fresh and you can grow with me.

Lets be honest most of the successful guru’s and those that have been financially successful have been in the game for awhile. So what makes you think that they can remember all the details of how they exactly got started?

My goal through documenting my journey of generating passive income through Amazon is not only for myself but to help inspire others to come together and network on how we can make it to the finish line together.

Passive income is a beautiful thing! So what’s the short definition of passive income? Its simply generating money while you sleep, while you work out at the gym, spend time with the kids, sit on the toilet. Who wouldn’t want that?

Im 27, married to my beautiful wife Brittany and currently have a career in sales. But like most…if not all of you, I still have to set that alarm at 7am every morning and go through the routine of work where everything starts to feel robotic (Don’t you hate when you can literally predict the day).

I dont have kids yet but I want to be able to pick them up after school when they are older. I want to be able to take a vacation and not worry about having enough PTO or if ill get behind on work. I simply want to enjoy the finer things in life on my own schedule.

Amazon FBA and Niche Website building is the light at the end of the tunnel. Did you know that in the past couple years Amazon has grown almost 400%? Did you also know you create a website around your passion or topic of choice and drive traffic to it and bring in passive income?

Ok…ok there’s some work that goes into it in the beginning. For Amazon finding the right product and supplier, creating your Amazon page, putting product pictures up…etc. Niche website building and finding the right topic you would love to write articles about and grow into an authority on google. (AKA first page of google!!)

As for the Amazon portion of this journey, I first dabbled with Fidget Spinners when they first came out. I felt like I was one of the first people to buy one (I have super A.D.D at work). Right about the same time I saw one online I read about FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). Long story short, I wanted to try selling on Amazon and Fidget Spinners were the first thing that came to mind.

I started importing Fidget Spinners, shipped 100’s to Amazon, got some reviews and sales started sky rocketing. I was selling 30-40 a day at almost $10 in profit (I was selling them for $19.99). This was short lived as a popular Youtuber put a video up of a Fidget Spinner and well the rest is history. The market as you know blew up! To the point where they are now selling for dirt cheap and 1000’s of people are selling them barely making any money.

So what did I get out of this extremely short lived experience…well experience! Which is pretty valuable (its all trial and error in life babyyy). The small taste I got of watching sales roll in was amazing. I literally sat on my couch and watched Shark Tank, as I refreshed my Amazon app watching sales come in. I was hooked and knew there was potential.

So that’s where the Amazon Journey begins. I like to research stuff and have been researching how to sell on Amazon effectively like crazy (countless hours and note taking crazy). I definitely consider myself a rookie as I only sold for a couple months before realizing the competition was undercutting everyone.

As for the Niche Website Journey, I stumbled upon articles and case studies of people making thousands of dollars in passive income. They were writing about topics they enjoyed, sharing information around specific subjects, utilizing how to videos. What sucked me in is most of these people were including their monthly income reports. My jaw dropped!

Some of these people were making anywhere from $500 a month all the way up to $100,000 a month. I knew I wanted a piece of the pie. So while I am a complete rookie/newbie, I am going to walk you through building out a site so we can do it together. The nice thing about Amazon FBA is that once you have your product its pretty hands off. You simply send more inventory to Amazon when stock gets low. This allows for time to be put into Niche Website building.

So how exactly am I going to go about this? I am going to use this blog to have you walk with me post by post and step by step. No skipping stages and everything will be straight to the point (no fluff or fillers). I will show you what I do and document my journey from ground zero, so you can follow along and grow financially independent with me. My hope is that I can inspire other individuals to know that you can have more freedom in your life!

I have two journeys on my home page (Niche Website Journey) and (Amazon FBA Journey). Not sure which one to choose? Take a look at the first blog on each journey and see what piques your interest. I will always number the blogs in each section so you know you are following the right path. Look forward to growing with everyone!


Warm Regards,