Which Path Will You Join Me On….

Amazon FBA Journey

amazon fba

You are here because you are a beginner in the Amazon FBA world. Good news me too!! Amazon FBA is a profitable “side hustle” allowing us to generate passive income by selling products already on Amazon but adding our own brand or customization to it. Follow along as I blog step by step, my exciting journey to generating a S.M.A.R.T goal of $5k profit per month. I want this to be for you as much as it will be for me. When we learn together we grow together!

Which Path Will You Join Me On….

Niche Website Journey

You are here because you have heard about making money through niche websites. To be brutally honest my knowledge on this is a 3 on the 10 scale. No worries though! If you choose to join me on this journey I will be detailed and blog my journey step by step as we work together to generate $1k a month profit. When one of us makes it we all make it! Lets pick a niche and do theese!